Number Day

On Friday, the whole school enjoyed an exciting day of Maths learning, linked to their topics, as part of NSPCC Number Day. Children and staff ‘dressed up for digits’ took part in a range of mathematical challenges. A great day was had by all!


Children in Year 3 linked their maths learning to the topic ‘Toys glorious toys’. They used multi-link to build toys, with each coloured cube having a different value. They then sold these toys and other toys they had brought in from home, in a class, working out the cost of what they had bought and calculating the change.

In Year 4, the children read a story about King Arthur, linked to their topic ‘The legend of the sword’. They investigated which seat at the round table was the winner. The children made predictions, tested their theories and used counters to investigate the problem in a practical way. Every child pretended to be a knight of the round table to prove their strategy was correct.

In Year 5, the children worked collaboratively to design and build their own model airport, linked to their topic, ‘Come fly with me’. They began by analysing the floor plans of other airports around the UK, before identifying the key features. Children used area and perimeter to create a floor plan, before making nets of different shapes to build 3D models.

Children in Year 6 took part in a number of battles, linked to their WWII topic, ‘Friend or foe?’. An exciting game, ‘Bombs Away!’ involved the children taking on roles on-board Lancaster Bomber aircraft. They used maths and strategical skills to plan and undertake a bombing raid on an enemy target. Throughout the mission they were presented with maths tasks which enabled them to move onto the next stage of the adventure. The children also had to used their maths skills to investigate how bombs would bounce across different shapes rooms, record their findings and look for patterns.