Year 6 2017 - 2018

We would like to welcome you and your child to Year 6 and introduce ourselves as the Year 6 team:   

 Mr Armstrong, Mrs Davies, Ms Walsh  

 Miss Allman, Miss Field, Miss Thelwell, Mrs Young 


     We are very pleased to announce that our autumn topic is:                                                          

 We launched our topic with an exciting visit from Simon Airey - the 'Animal Man' (see Blog photos below). The children were given the opportunity to learn about, and get a hands-on experience of, a variety of animal species whilst learning about evolution and adaptation. Later this half term we will take part in Darwin Day, following in the footsteps of Shrewsbury-born, geologist and naturalist, Charles Darwin.

                       Image result for jemmy button

In English this term, we will be exploring a range of writing genres including poetry, journalistic writing, biographies and information texts through the picture book ‘Jemmy Button: The Boy that Darwin Returned Home’. We will continue develop our reading comprehension skills and build on the children’s spelling and grammar skills.

                                                                    Three quarter length portrait of Darwin aged about 30, with straight brown hair receding from his high forehead and long side-whiskers, smiling quietly, in wide lapelled jacket, waistcoat and high collar with cravat.

On Thursday 27th September we celebrated Darwin Day - a bit early to coincide with our topic. Check out our blog photos [below] to see the children: on a mini-beast hunt with Ms. Walsh; learning all about fossils in Mrs Davies' museum and using maths skills to calculate the height and approximate age of a range of trees with Mr Armstrong.


Bring Your Parents to School

On Friday 28th September, Year 6 welcomed parents and carers into our classrooms to join in with a practical investigation into how birds beaks adapt to eat different foods - linked to Darwin's Finches and his Theory of Evolution.