Year 5 2017 - 2018

Welcome to Year 5!


Mrs Bryant   Mrs Glennon   Miss Evans

Mrs Slater   Mrs Garbett   Mrs Reynolds   Mr Blackhurst


Welcome to Year 5! The children have all made a great start to the year and have settled well in to their new classes. We have had an exciting start to the year, putting ourselves fully into the role of scientists and wizards as part of our topic, The Place Between!

Our learning this half term has been topic linked (magic and science) using the picture book 'Leon and the Place Between'. This book has wonderful illustrations and use of vibrant vocabulary which has captured everyone's imaginations! In writing we have been focussed on improving our sentence structures including using a range of openers, conjunctions and punctuation. We have used our book to write descriptively ensuring that we include a range of adjectives, adverbs, personification, similes and metaphors. We have even been learning to use onomatopoeia to really capture our readers imagination and build an image in their minds! A key skill which we will continue to develop throughout the year is the ability to spot our own mistakes through self-assessment, we LOVE mistakes as they are a first attempt in learning. We are now currently working on writing our own alternative endings to the book.


We have started the year by using  key BLP skills, revising and stickability. Place value has been an area we have been successfully challenged on as we have been using numbers up to the millions for the first time! So far we have looked at partitioning, ordering and comparing, rounding and adding/subtracting in multiples of 10,100,1000, 10000 and 100000!  We have also been developing our problem solving and reasoning skills (our ability to investigate and justify our findings supported by examples). This is something we will continue to work on throughout the year. A key skill we need to continue to improve is our rapid recall of times tables. We will be working on this in school, but this is also something which could be fun to learn at home. There are lots of links to great websites on our learning zone!